My primary focus is gastrointestinal pain and issues. Ugh!! Gross! No, please keep reading. While this topic is not eye-grabbing, flattering or appealing, it’s real. I’ve noticed as my body has gotten older and life, at times, has gotten more stressful, my GI tract acts up: gas pains, smelly farts, bloating (separate from gas) and constipation. If you haven’t clicked off this site/post already, you’re certainly thinking about it. BUTT, hold on. 😊

I can help.

Some people have had GI disturbances for so long that they don’t realize that these symptoms are abnormal. They have become accustomed to feeling gassy and bloated and that is their normal.

But, imagine a world in which you feel better, working at your peak, and feeling energetic. Your clothes fit you well and you feel so comfortable in your body.

One friend of mine told me that as a child she would have a bowel movement every five days and she thought that was normal. It’s not.

Normal is going at least once each day, with the appearance of a long brown banana.

Anyone can suffer from these issues at any time in their lives. Hormonal, lifestyle, and dietary changes may be the cause. For me, I noticed undesirable changes as I went through peri-menopause. People on the spectrum often have these gastrointestinal disturbances as well.

When proper evacuation is impeded, toxins build. Eventually these toxins cross the barrier of the intestinal wall (leaky gut) and enter the bloodstream. We become moodier and perhaps illness sets in. This is the big picture in brief.

Bottom-line is: it’s imperative to heal our gut, which is the root or base from which we stand. When we are properly grounded, the gut works properly and excellent health is achieved.

As a registered dietitian working as a health coach, I not only address the nutritional and dietary concerns of my clients, I also discuss social concerns as anxiety, sadness, anger and depression play a big role in the constrictions of the gastrointestinal tract. When we cannot digest life, we cannot digest food. Stress is a causative factor to leaky gut.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking you’re fine because various products make you regular. The regular use of any laxative makes you reliant on the laxative. Maybe you use a product such as Preparation H to reduce hemorrhoids which form from constipation. Overuse may cause leaky gut.

Leaky gut begins when macrophages which eliminate damaging food molecules get overwhelmed. Suddenly molecules that would normally not get through the intestinal lining, pass through into the body. Oh, and by the way, stress is a causative factor to leaky gut.

The alternative is to look at the diet and lifestyle. Are you consuming foods which cause you inflammation? Which wholesome fibrous foods can we add to your diet? Are you drinking enough fluids? Which ones? Some liquids increase urination and your body dries out. Others are so loaded with sugar that water adheres to the sugar and causes fullness in the body. Extra sugar causes weight gain. Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Are you doing activities that you enjoy? Do you give yourself permission to relax sometimes?

I want to help all these clients: patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, peri/post-menopausal women, and people with belly pains.

Please respond with any stories, insights, or questions. I’d love to hear from you!

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