Create a “Fun”-tastic Kids’ Yoga Class in Your Authentic Voice 

Stacey Pinke is a registered yoga instructor with over ten years of experience teaching yoga to children in New Jersey public schools and community centers.  With her passion and enthusiasm, she has inspired many to enjoy yoga and/or teach it.  She wrote this book with the curious-at-heart and fellow yoga instructors in mind.  This book takes the reader on a playful yoga journey:  enjoying games, yoga poses, breathing techniques and explore how to face life’s challenges with an open mind, compassion and wonder.  These principles help the participant face life’s challenges with an open mind, compassion, and wonder.  Stacey illustrates an easy-to-understand and heartfelt approach to facing life’s ups and downs.  She empowers the reader to live their truth on and off the mat


What people are saying...

Wanna Play Yoga? will inspire teachers, children, and yogis, both on and off the mat, for years to come.  The information is transformative, profound and easy-to-understand. Stacey Pinke motivates the reader to design kids’ yoga classes that are grounded, relevant, sacred and joyful.  The sample classes are fabulous and the illustrations uplift.

-Janet StraightArrow, Shaman, Healer, Sage, and Founder of  Be the Medicine

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