I no longer teach yoga to kids, but I do teach adults how to teach yoga to kids.  Please view YOGA BLOSSOMS KIDS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, below. 

I am currently offering private yoga sessions to adults on-line during the pandemic. 

Please reach out for a session and to find out more about my YOGA BLOSSOMS KIDS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING.


This is for anyone who wants individual attention to improve her practice.  I offer relaxation techniques, stretching and challenging poses to advance the practice.



In a small group setting (up to 5 children) we can enjoy classes comprised of yoga games, individual, partner and group poses, sun salutations, and various breathing techniques all designed to strengthen, tone and relax the mind and body.


Times of classes change according to the season. 

I need at least three participants.  Please sign up for the newsletter to receive more information.



Do you want to find more joy?


Are you interested in teaching yoga to kids but you’re wondering what it takes?

Are you a parent who wants to share insights, laughter and yoga with your children?

Are you a teacher who wants to help students shake off jitters and increase focus?

Are you a kid’s yoga instructor looking for new ideas?

Are you interested in discovering your passions?

Do you want to speak your truth?


My yoga classes are playful and informative, energizing yet calming, and stretch the imagination and the body.  I like to think of my classes as smart fun because I teach about life and the self in a fun and engaging way.  I’ve often heard that what happens on the yoga mat reflects what happens in your life.  Deepen your yoga practice and deepen self-understanding.

My training is 9 hours over two days.  It’s a small investment which will greatly enrich your life. 

Just wanted to be sure you know what a SUPERB yoga instructor Stacey is!  She is knowledgeable, warm, and designs each class in a uniquely wonderful style. 

She genuinely cares about the physical and spiritual well-being of every student.

She is a gem!


Stacey has really helped me change the way I eat. Everything I thought I knew about healthy eating and different weight loss ideas were not necessarily what I need for my own body. I now have a different relationship with food. Today, I have more energy and feel better. 

-- Jennifer



  • Connect to your inner child.

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Identify what you love

  • Find your authenticity


  • Sample Yoga Classes

  • Dharma Talk – What it is, why it adds value to a kid’s yoga class, and how to create one

  • Props

  • Yoga poses

  • Activities and games

  • Fun breathing techniques

  • Behavior Management

  • Self-inquiry and journaling exercises





I also offer the following workshops. If you wish to schedule one for a private group please email me. 


Sweet Poison Workshop: Sugar was a drug held by apothecaries.  Too much was considered a poison.  Now the food supply has changed, and sugar consumption has greatly increased.  Where is the sugar in our diet?  How did it get there?  Which are the healthier, more energizing options to eat?  Review of sugars in food and sugar poster activity are included.

Foods and Moods:  Which moods govern our days?  Can the food we eat, influence how we feel?  Let’s explore that connection between the foods we like and the moods we feel. 

Mindfulness:  Through yoga and breathing exercises experience how it feels to be mindful.  Enjoy an art activity which helps you discover ways in which you behave on auto pilot.  This workshop puts you in control to determine the positive change you can make in your life.  We will also cover ways to eat more mindfully.  Wear yoga clothes and please bring a mat.

Navigating the Food Aisles:  Journey through the package food aisles of a grocery store.  How did all these foods get here?  Learn about the history of the evolution of our food supply.  How much nutrition do these foods offer?

Food Sensitivity and Food Allergies:  What occurs in the body when you have a food sensitivity?  What are the various responses in the body to a food allergy?  Why do you sometimes get a reaction from a food and other times you don’t?  These questions and more will be answered in this thorough discussion on a perplexing topic.

If you are interested please email me for the location details.

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