The journey begins with yoga.



Hi, I’m Stacey Pinke and thanks for checking out my site.  I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher and Dietitian who is passionate about sharing a fun and mindful approach to life. I love teaching yoga to children and to women with a beginner’s mind.

My clients begin their journey with yoga.  The rest is for us to discover along the way.

I offer yoga, pranayama, Reiki, Himalayan singing bowls, as well as nutrition and health coach counseling.



This mindful and playful approach has been the most positive influence in manifesting abundance, health, and joy in my life.  I began practicing yoga when my daughter was three.  The values and life skills I learned through my practice greatly improved the quality of my life.  Naturally, I began to take better care of myself.  Through my practice of self-awareness and with my knowledge of dietetics, I self-diagnosed myself with food sensitivities.  I revamped my diet with an abundance of other foods.  I’ve reversed Metabolic Syndrome and successfully live with Irritable Bowl Syndrome.  To add more joy to my life, I bought a piano and began playing after a nearly forty-year hiatus.  I enjoy volunteer work.  I love my career and have a passion for travel and hiking.  My journey began with yoga and has blossomed into so much more.

I have received a 200 hr Adult Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification through the American Yoga Academy and a 500 hr Adult Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Ignite Yoga in New Jersey.  I have certifications through Gogrounded Yoga, Karma Kids, Samadhi Sun, Next Generation and Om Shree Om.

As the founder of Yoga Blossoms L.L.C., I offer:

I offer:

  • Yoga to adults

  • Yoga Blossoms Kids Yoga Teacher Training

  • In-person and long-distance Reiki

  • Himalayan Singing Bowl Sessions

  • Nutrition Workshops

  • Private counseling sessions.

"I was lucky enough to teach some health and nutrition awareness workshops with Stacey and I can only recommend her as one of the best dietitians I know."
I had done yoga for a couple of months before I took your class.  It was only then, that I got the importance of breathing.   After that, yoga has taken on a richer meaning for me.  I credit that to your clear teaching.  Getting the breathing right also made me more able to get into the flow of class and not be concerned with what anyone else might think about how well I did the positions.  Thanks for all your help.
- Arthur

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